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Welcome to the Student Parent Resource Hub!

College students with children - student parents - make up more than 25% of the college population in the U.S., and need support to help balance caregiving and financial responsibilities with work, study time, and class. At Iowa State University, we have many ways to assist you as a student parent. We are here to help in identifying resources, locating policies, learning about programs and connecting to peers.

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This Month's Resource

Child Care for Sick Kids

The Comfort Zone

2623 Bruner Drive


Provides care for children suffering from routine childhood illnesses. All children must be pre-registered and files must be current before being admitted for care.

For additional family resources at ISU and in the Ames and Story County area, check out the ISU Family Resource Guide.

News & Important Dates

Student-Parent Family Outing in the Park

14 Mar 2017

Be on the look-out for more info about our Spring 2017 Family Outing in the Park this April!


9 Jan 2017

University Community Childcare (UCC) has preschool openings, Monday-Friday mornings for children 3-5 years old; and before and after school program for children who are in kindergarten through 5th grade. Contact the center @ 515-294-9838 or univcc@iastate.edu, and visit their website to learn more!

Financial assistance may be available for student-parents (undergraduate students who receive the Pell grant or are Pell grant eligible).

CAP - Childcare Assistance Program Scholarships Still Available

9 Jan 2017

We are looking to award additional ISU student-parents for the 2016-2017 academic year. This is a scholarship program that reimburses student-parents for out-of-pocket expenses for child care services. Click here for more info & to complete the CAP application.


Undergraduate U.S. citizen (ISU student); Must receive a Pell grant; Have a child not yet enrolled in kindergarten; Have out-of-pocket expenses for child care services

Student-Parent Testimonials

Kaylea: Senior, Elementary Education-Math, Reading & Coaching; Minor, Learning Technologies

Do What You Think You Are Unable To Do - “It seems like it’d be impossible to be in college while raising kids, but I assure you that it can be done! I have still been able to enjoy the experience, and spend time with my children! Iowa State University has many programs and scholarships for adult students & student-parents, as well as on-campus family housing & child care. All of this has made my experience of going to college with children so much simpler & easier!”

Chelsey: Bachelor’s, Early Childhood Education, Spring Class of 2016

Your Strength = Their Success - “By going back to school to get a college degree, I am ensuring a brighter future for me &my family. Getting a degree will help set my child up for success. She is encouraged by my determination & focus on receiving a higher education. This helps encourage her to try hard in school too.”

Tyler: Junior, Sociology

Take The Leap - "Jump into this adventure. If you need a reason, just look around you. I am doing this for my kids & my wife because I want them to have a better life than what we have had."

Juhyon & Younjun: Ph.D., Fall Class of 2015

We Made It To Our Ph.D.’s With The Help Of CCAMPIS - “As student-parents, my husband and I had to deal with financial burdens of raising kids. CCAMPIS was there to lighten our yoke for child care fees & securing a place for sick children. The staff of CCAMPIS were also very supportive for our study & family. Thanks to CCAMPIS, my husband and I could finish our Ph.D. studies at the same time with 2 children.”

Cynthia: Junior, Family and Consumer Science

Set The Example – Motivation Is Essential - “Getting an education is the best thing I can do for my child – and I’m setting that example to be a hardworking student. Not only is my child watching me work hard for my degree, so is my family and strangers; & although I might not have believed that I was affecting others, I am – & I’m motivating others to continue their degree as well.”