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Lactation Spaces on Campus

Iowa State University currently has 22 designated lactation rooms on campus. These are available for use by all staff, faculty, students, and visitors to our campus. Several of the Lactation Spaces listed below are located in the lounge space of Women's Restrooms. The Lactation Space within these areas is designated and private from the restroom area. Each space has an electrical outlet, chair, table, and most have a lockable door. Ideally, a mother needing to use the Lactation Space for expressing breast milk will feel comfortable and not have to ask others to utilize the space. A few rooms remain locked, so contact information is listed for you to obtain a key or code to access the room.

When more than one breastfeeding mother needs to use a designated lactation space, mothers should negotiate milk expression times that are most convenient or best meet their needs.

If you find additional space in a building is not listed here, or the information about a lactation space provided is not accurate, please contact us or call (515) 294-8827.

Click here for a printable list of ISU Lactation Spaces.


^Denotes sink in the rooms

Atanasoff Hall, Room 122

^ Carver Hall, Rooms 025A and 125A

College of Veterinary Medicine, Room 2615, Ground Floor (East of Main Entrance)

Cyclone Sports Complex, Room 1031, Concessions building

Extension - 4-H Building, Room 1144

General Services Building, Room 183A, Women's Lounge

^ Hach Hall, Room 1243, Near east entrance

Heady Hall, Room 365

Hilton Coliseum, Room 0206-1, West side of Hilton, on the street level

Jack Trice Stadium, Room 1347X, East side of stadium, north of Jack Trice Club entrance near section 34; no paper towels in this space

Lagomarcino Hall, Room W0061. Please contact Heidi Heck in 1620A Lagomarcino for the key code

^ Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center, Room 1718

Marston Hall, Room 1129

Molecular Biology Building, Room 1224A

Olson Building, Room 1327.  Arrange with staff on 1st Floor of Jacobsen Building 

Parks Library, Room 61, Obtain key to room at the Circulation desk

Pearson Hall, Room 3122, Women's Lounge

Scheman Building, Room R0181A, Women's Lounge, 1st Floor

Spedding Hall, Room 56

^ Sukup Hall (ABE Complex), Room 0302A-1

Troxel Hall, Room 1113

If you are a building supervisor for any building on the ISU campus, and are interested in establishing a lactation space, please contact the office of Child Care & Family Resources. We will help guide you through the process of ensuring your designated space meets the necessary requirements.  Meanwhile, we invite you to review the information below to familiarize yourself with the requirements and considerations for establishing lactation spaces.

A designated lactation space must be a private space that:

  • is not a restroom or unsecured common area
  • is shielded from view
  • can be locked and/or free from intrusion by others while in use
  • provides adequate lighting, seating, and electrical outlets for pumping equipment
  • is within reasonable walking distance of the employee's work location
  • is within reasonable proximity of running water