University Child Care Committee



The University Child Care Committee (UCCC) works with Iowa State University students, staff, faculty, and the Ames community to promote affordable, accessible, and quality child care. The committee addresses the needs of ISU families and provides recommendations to the ISU Administration and Campus Child Care Coordinator. 


The Child Development Laboratory School first began offering a morning nursery school in 1924, as the beginning of the Child Care and Training Courses; Pammel University Student Apartment Complex Preschool (now known as University Community Childcare) was created in 1948 by student-parents; and the University Child Care Center at Veterinary Medicine was opened in 1997 to expand services for the child care needs of students, staff, and faculty. Today, the campus child care centers offer space for nearly 232 children, 6 weeks to 12 years of age. Read more

Committee Members

Mayes, Mary SueAssistant Scientist I, Animal Science
Oesterreich, LesiaProgram Manager I, Human Sciences Extension and Outreach
Stonehocker, LeslieProgram Coordinator II, Human Sciences Extension and Outreach
Sullivan, JuliaProgram Manager I, Student Financial Aid
Venteicher, KimberlyProgram Coordinator I, Human Development & Family Studies
Wilson, ShannonProgram Coordinator I, Human Sciences Extension and Outreach
Graden, JuliaProgram Coordinator III, UHR-Office of Child Care & Family Services
Broshar, CrisProgram Assistant II, UHR-Office of Child Care & Family Services